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"I've worked with most of the so-called Facebook advertising experts and have been consistently unimpressed – until I met Janak. Janak and his team are the best-kept secret behind some of the most successful, scalable ad campaigns on Facebook, including my own. If you are an expert, author, speaker or coach and you are committed to dominating on Facebook, the fastest way for you to get there is to hire Janak and his team at Clients Online. "
David Bayer, Managing Partner at David Bayer Businesses,
Orlando, Florida
“There are Facebook Ad Experts, above them are Facebook Ad Masters and then there is a special level for Facebook Advertising Ninja – Janak Mehta. He has helped us sell 688 products at over 500% ROI in a 30-day launch and we generated over 25,000 Leads and created impact for hundreds of thousands of parents. He simply blew us out of the water. He is a true genius! We love him at Ninos De Ahora!
Luis Carlos Flores, CEO at Ninos De Ahora, (
Metepec, Mexico
"Working with Client's Online has done wonders for us. They've become a valuable asset to us scaling our program at NexGenT. Simply put, these guys have Facebook Advertising figured out and they deliver RESULTS. In the short time we've been working together, we were able to test several campaigns and optimize the winners. Before we started with Clients Online, we averaged about 500 sales per month; in just our second month of working together, we grew that number to 2,027, and we are continuing to set record-breaking numbers every single month. To truly use Facebook Advertising to it's full potential (and then some!), you need to get Clients Online on your team. "

Adrian Hunter, CMO – NexGenT
"We recently began a relationship with PR Easy to help us grow our online business and we could not be happier with the results. While we have enjoyed a very strong Facebook presence, we had never been able to turn a large number of followers into actual sales. Janak has run weekly ad campaigns which have resulted in outstanding conversion results. Our return on sales has averaged over 270% in the first 5 months! In addition to the increased profitability from our Facebook ad campaigns, we have also seen a jump in Facebook followers and engagement. Thanks Janak for increasing the profitability of our business."
Amy & Dave McCready,,
Raleigh, NC
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